Afraid that Ramadan will pass and you won't be able to achieve the most of it?

Don’t worry, Ramadan is still here and the blessings of these days are uncountable. Let us work together and use this golden opportunity of gaining rewards from Allah (SWT) in this blessed month of Ramadan.

“If someone has nothing to give, what will he do?” He said: “He should work with his hands and benefit himself and also give in charity (from what he earns).” He was further asked: “If he cannot find even that?” He replied: “He should help the needy who appeal for help.” Then he was asked: “If he cannot do that?” He replied: “Then he should perform good deeds and keep away from evil deeds and this will be regarded as charitable deeds."Prophet Muhammad

Charity Friday Project

is starting a campaign this Ramadan called #MyGivingFriday, a day to make Generosity Contagious.

#MyGivingFriday is a humble request to Muslim communities to give generously to the HOMELESS and needy within our communities and feed those, right here in our backyards. It is a Ramadan campaign to promote the importance of GENEROSITY in the lives of Muslims and explain the legacy of our Prophet (SAW).

Remember, the Prophet (SAW), was the most generous of people. And in Ramadan he was especially generous and more generous than the free-blowing wind.

Charity Partners

To support our cause and join in our efforts of spreading GENEROSITY through this campaign please vow to help one of our charity partners.

Muslims Against Hunger

Muslims Against Hunger is a North American network of volunteer communities to help the hungry and homeless in our backyard. It is a volunteer run grass root effort to mobilize and educate the Muslim community and the community-at-large about the problems of Hunger, Poverty, and Homelessness.

Hunger Van

Hunger Van brings food and other essential items to the homeless on the streets and unites volunteers across religious, political and socio-economic boundaries. Its purpose is to engage communities and help promote a unanimous pledge to serve humanity. The underlying mission of Hunger Van is to provide the needy with a means and path to self-sufficiency.

One World Community Café

First Daily Halal, Kosher & Vegan Soup Kitchen Program in North America, One World Community Café is a daily soup kitchen program that is targeted towards Senior Citizens & people on fixed income. Hot, healthy & nutritious meals are prepared & served by interfaith volunteers at the Café to anyone requiring a meal. Fresh and left over food is distributed to the homeless & hungry by Hunger Van Project in various locations.

Famine Public Awareness Campaign

In response to the famine in South Sudan and the warnings of famine in Yemen, Somalia and north-eastern Nigeria, Muslims Against Hunger launched this public awareness and social media campaign to encourage Islamic organizations (and individual Muslims) to pledge one-third of the Zakat that they collect during Ramadan this year to NGOs that are delivering Halal food parcels to families in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and north-eastern Nigeria.

More Information here: Famine Public Awareness Campaign

People Helping People in Need

People Helping People is dedicated to providing a Holistic approach to social services promoting progress through self determination for people who are challenged and the general public. They promote self-esteem and self-determination by employing individuals within the community and tediously work towards preparing these individuals to enter the workforce with the confidence and job skills needed.

Humble Beginnings, Inc.

Humble Beginnings is a community resource center for the formerly incarcerated. They provide ex-offenders a clean, sober living environment and offer a multidimensional program designed to address the basic needs of individuals so they can work towards leading a law-abiding, productive life. Humble Beginnings is a one-stop center to help these men and women successfully transition back in to society.

Humble Beginnings, Inc.

Faiths Against Hunger

Faiths Against Hunger is a network of inter-religious volunteers working towards the betterment of society and providing homeless and needy people a path to self-sufficiency to “Break the Bonds of Poverty”.

Four things continue to reward a person even after his death; a man who dies on the true path, a good advise or knowledge given by him to someone who acts on that advice, an act of charity and a good son who prays for him and asks for forgiveness on his behalf.Prophet Muhammad